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To Avoid Weight Gain At Night

3 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain At Night

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3 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain At Night

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The holidays are gone and the new year has begun…but let’s face it, our New Year’s resolutions are barely hanging on as we enter February! Whether your resolution was to cut carbs or meal prep more, most of us struggle with sticking to them! Plus, this cold weather gives us no reason to have any motivation. With these 3 tips, you can get back to your goals and start getting ‘summer ready’ by cutting calories at night!

  • If you’re going to consume any simple carbs (breads, pasta, rice, oatmeal), try cutting the serving size in half and only consume them for either breakfast or lunch so that you have time to burn them off throughout the rest of the day. Dinner should be a time for ONLY meats/veggies (or tofu for our vegetarians/vegans). This protein packed meal will keep you full throughout the night and should cut your cravings for nighttime snacking.
  • For some of us, nighttime snacking is our biggest weakness and the thought of food creeps into our head even when we’re full! If this is you, a cup of hot tea will help satiate your cravings after dinner because the warmth fills your stomach and relaxes you for bedtime. Also, the act of mindlessly sipping on a cup of tea will take the place of mindlessly snacking on a bag of chips and realizing it’s gone before you know it! Also, sometimes hunger can be masked as dehydration so drinking water after dinner can help diminish pangs.

Ok, so now that you’ve heard these 2 tips and still know that every once in a while you’ve GOT to have something after dinner, here are a few treats that won’t break your diet:

  • Freeze a low-carb yogurt and put some dark-chocolate shavings on top
  • Sugar-free Ice Pops
  • High protein, low carb Ice cream (½ cup only!)
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Cottage cheese (½ cup only!)
  • Veggies with hummus
  • Just NO fruit or carbs!