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Best New Botox And Filler Upgrades

Best New Botox And Filler Upgrades

There’s a lot to love about injectables. They require little downtime so we can get back to work (or play), and they offer amazing results on top of that. Even if you’re a regular receiver of fillers or Botox , we bet there’s at least one way to use them that you haven’t heard of. Keep reading to test your knowledge of how well you know fillers and how they can improve your look this summer.

Soft Jaw

A bigger jaw muscle could have come about from your genetics or your environment. Say what? Yes, if you’re giving that muscle a workout because you clench your jaw at night or even just when you’re stressed, you could have have worked it so much that your face looks a little wider. Some Botox injected right into the masseter muscle can release that constant clench and slim down your face.

Eyebrow Boost

Did you know that we can use Botox to raise or lower the arch of your brow? Yep, we can tweak the shape without tweezing anything away. Don’t worry: you’ll be able to keep your natural emotions showing because we’ll just use a small amount.


Using a little bit of filler in the hollows that sit right around the temples can help lift up drooping cheeks. Not ready to get a full-on facelift? Fillers can keep you taken care of.

Nose Job

Did you know that som nose issues can be corrected with well-placed filler? Fillers can be used to adjust the tip of the nose, shrink the nostril size, and even out an asymmetrical nose.

Bye, Pores

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of options to shrink the size of big pores. But, Botox can be used to that effect. We use very small amounts of Botox to shrink the pore size on your nose and cheeks, and because we use just a little, you can still move your face as normal.

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