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BHRT for Women in Glen Allen, Richmond, VA

Are Your Hormones Out of Balance? Rejuvenate MD Wellness Med Spa in Glen Allen, Richmond, VAWill Help Get You on Track. Our Experts Offer Our Effective BHRT for Women for Hormone Optimization and Over All Rejuvenation of Your Body. Call Us or Request an Appointment Online. Visit Us at 10220 West Broad St. Richmond, VA 23060

BHRT for Women in Glen Allen, Richmond, VA
BHRT for Women in Glen Allen, Richmond, VA

BioIdentical Hormones are hormones that are chemically the same as those that the body produces. We supply hormones that are prepared from scratch using plant-derived, natural ingredients from FDA-approved sources. Bioidentical hormone replacement gives your body additional amounts of estradiol (the most important of the three human estrogens. The others are estriol and estrone) and testosterone.

What is the difference between perimenopausal and menopause?

Perimenopausal: This is defined as the transition of a women’s body into menopause. It can begin several years before menopause, generally occurring in her 40’s. It is the time when the ovaries gradually begin to make less estrogen until they stop releasing eggs.

Menopause: This is defined as that point in time when permanent cessation menstruation occurs following the loss of ovarian activity. Contraception is necessary until one year of no periods.

The following symptoms may make one a good candidate for BHRT replacement:

-Irregular periods
-Vaginal dryness
-Hot flashes
-Night sweats
-Sleep problems
-Mood changes
-Weight Gain
-Low libido
-Brain Fog

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement: When these hormones are replaced in women whose levels are low, the following benefits may occur:

-Relief of all or most symptoms of menopause
-Protection against osteoporosis
-Reduced risk of breast cancer
-Reduced risk of colon cancer
-Reduction in abdominal fat
-Increase in energy
-Mental clarity
-Stronger bones and muscles
-Reduced depression and anxiety
-Normalization of libido (sex drive)
-Reduction in “menstrual migraines” in women
-And more!


$650/quarter (every 3 months) includes full hormone management (labs, office visits, pellet insertions and follow up are all included). Prescriptions are out of pocket cost and not covered by most insurance. However, they are generally affordable and be sure to check for deals and coupons.