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Rejuvenate MD Wellness Medspa Offers Clinically-Guided Weight Loss Programs

Rejuvenate MD Wellness Medspa Offers Clinically-Guided Weight Loss Programs

Perhaps you’re ready to lose some weight. Maybe you’ve tried some other programs with little to no results. Maybe you don’t like the idea of keeping yourself from enjoying your favorite foods. Maybe you’d like to try a program that works with the way your own body handles food intake. If you live in the area of Glen Allen, VA and are ready to take charge of your eating habits and weight, we encourage you to speak to the team at Rejuvenate MD Wellness MedSpa to learn about our clinically-guided weight loss program.

Why Should I Choose Customized Medical Weight Loss Programs?

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to standard available weight loss programs. Whether you’ve counted calories in the past or heated prepared meals, you may have found that these solutions did not work for YOUR body. In cases such as this, we encourage men and women to work with our team with our medical weight loss programs. These include:

  • A full evaluation of one’s medical history
  • Body fat analysis
  • Past and current dieting history and eating habits
  • Past and current excise patterns
  • Metabolism analysis
  • Body composition monitoring

Once you have been evaluated, you will then work with our medical team to design a program that works specifically for your specific needs. Our team will discuss your personal goals and help you in every step of the way. The providers guiding you through your weight loss journey will develop an initial caloric goal for each day, and may include pharmaceutical appetite suppressants to reduce your cravings for sweets that can derail your progress. This is known as the Active Weight Loss phase. Our team will then transition you to eating healthier and maintaining your weight and lifestyle while reducing the use of appetite suppressants. Throughout the process, you will have access to our medical team for help, motivation, and insight into your new transformation in both diet, exercise, and weight!

Learn More About Our Medically-Guided Weight Loss Solution Available At Rejuvenate MD Wellness MedSpa!

Contact our providers by calling (804) 270-5920 for an appointment and speak to our team about the advantages of our custom weight loss program. Our practice is located in Glen Allen, VA at 10220 West Broad Street.