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CoolSculpting Cost in Richmond,VA

If you want to reshape your body then coolsculpting is the right choice for you. Contact Rejuvenate MD in Richmond, VA, where our specialists are ready to help you. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

CoolSculpting Cost Near Me in Richmond,VA
CoolSculpting Cost Near Me in Richmond,VA

How much does CoolSculpting® cost?

Researching the costs of anything can be problematic as conflicting information can sometimes muddy the waters. The official CoolSculpting® website doesn’t give actual costs of treatment, just that they will vary depending on the number of treatments needed, the areas of concern and the individual’s goals and expectations. Other things that can factor into the cost include where the patient lives, the provider, and the number of follow-up appointments, if any, that may be needed.

Costs will also, naturally, be based on the size of the area to be treated – the smaller the treatment area, the lower the cost etc., and treating multiple areas will also make a difference.  A general ball-park figure for a CoolSculpting® treatment in Virginia is approximately $750 per treatment site, but the actual costs of an individual treatment plan at Rejuvenate MD will be discussed at the initial free consultation, when we will go over the patient’s desired outcome with them and how many sessions will be needed to achieve it.  We understand that costs of treatment can be high and so we are pleased to offer convenient financing options to help to spread the cost and allow our patients to benefit from their new-look body sooner!

Will insurance cover my CoolSculpting® treatment?

As CoolSculpting® is an elective cosmetic treatment and therefore not considered medically necessary, you will have to meet any costs incurred.  There may be ways of mitigating this though – check to see if your provider is offering a special deal or discount for new patients, or take advantage of financing options.

Is CoolSculpting® less expensive than liposuction?

CoolSculpting® treatment plans cost in the region of $2,000-$4,000 whereas, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) the cost for liposuction in 2020 was over $3,600 – which didn’t include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.  So, based on these numbers, it would suggest that CoolSculpting® is a more cost-effective treatment, especially when treating smaller areas.  A big consideration in the cost of any medical procedure is whether or not it is covered by insurance.  Since both treatments are considered elective cosmetic procedures they won’t be covered by insurance health plans, however there are some situations where Medicare will cover the costs of a liposuction treatment if it is deemed to be medically necessary.

Is it worth it to get CoolSculpting®?

This is a subjective question, the answer to which will vary from person to person.  When considering CoolSculpting®, and ultimately deciding if it is going to be worth it or not, you will need to evaluate things such as why you want the treatment in the first place, how achievable it is, what are the pros and cons, what difference you think it’s going to make to your life (e.g. a boost in self-confidence) and whether the financial outlay is justified.  Once you’ve answered these – and possibly other – questions it should make it easier to decide whether a CoolSculpting® treatment is going to be worth it for you.  Most people opting for CoolSculpting® do it for increased self-confidence, an improved sense of well-being and being able to feel and look good in their clothes.  Perhaps just these three things alone are enough to suggest that CoolSculpting® is worth it.

 If you would like to know more about CoolSculpting® and the way you can rid yourself of stubborn body fat and have a more contoured look, then Rejuvenate MD can help. Please book your appointment with us through our website or call us. We serve patients from Richmond VA, Glen Allen VA, Mechanicsville VA, Midlothian VA, Goochland VA, Chesterfield VA, Powhatan VA, Fredericksburg VA, Williamsburg VA, and Charlottesville, VA.