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What is BBL?

BBL, which stands for Broad Band Light, is a form of treatment known as IPL- Intense Pulsed Light. Short bursts of light energy of many wavelengths are pulsed into the skin. It helps to reduce or eliminate brown pigments (“age spots”), reds in the skin (capillaries) and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Does BBL hurt?

There are very short little bursts of energy onto the skin. Many describe it like a mild snap of a warm rubber band. In general it is comfortable and very well tolerated.

What is the downtime from having a BBL?

There is typically no downtime. The facial skin may be a little red for 30-60 minutes. Some clients do have some swelling- but most do not. Once in a while we see a patient who has a large amount of swelling- that is always possible- but it is not at all common.

Will SkinTyte help my sagging skin?

SkinTyte is best for crepey, loose skin. Severe hanging skin typically needs surgery. It’s best to meet with one of our estheticians for an evaluation.

How long does a BBL Forever Young photofacial last?

Plan on your first visit being an hour. After that, most patients take 35-45 minutes for a treatment.

Can I do just one BBL treatment?

It is recommended to do a series of treatments to address the pigment. Most people require 3-5 treatments, depending on the level of damage.

How many treatments do I need to manage my Rosacea?

There is no known cause or cure for Rosacea. We do know that BBL does help to improve and treat Rosacea. Typically, after your series of treatments has been completed you will need to do maintenance treatments every 4-6 months.

Are BBL and IPL the same?

BBL is Broad Band Light. It is a newer, safer form of IPL or Intense Pulse Light. The mechanism of treatment is the same, how the energy is delivered is what is different.

Can I do BBL any time of the year?

Yes. Patients can do BBL year-round as long as they commit to taking proper precautions with their sun exposure.