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Lipo Shot

How often can I get a lipo shot?

You can come in once a week or every 5 days!

Will these shots make me lose weight?

No. These shots will not make you lose weight. However, they do add in your weight loss efforts to help the body speed up the breakdown of fat. On average, our patients who do our weight loss plans with shots lose 11.2 lbs more than those who do not.

Why am I not losing weight on these shots?

These shots do not make you lose weight. If you haven’t changed anything with your lifestyle these shots can make you feel more energized. Weight loss at it’s core is calories in and calories out. While the shots allow your body to break down fat faster if you are taking in more calories than you are expending you will not lose weight.

Is my shot going to hurt?

The shots are very quick and easy. You feel a small prick as the needle goes in and a slight burn of the solution but it subsides quickly.

What is the difference between B12 and Lipo?

B12 shots are primarily used to increase vitamin B deficiency, resulting in a boost of energy. The lipotropic injections have multiple benefits including both fat burning and energy boosting.

How do the lipotropic injections help with fat burning?

These injections are made up of three amino acids, Methionine, Inositol and Choline. They work as catalyst to speed up the fat burning process and aid in weight loss.

Where does the shot go?

B12 shots are in the arm. Lipotrophic shots are in the posterior hip.

Will I be bruised?

Typically, those who bruise are known easy bruisers. Most patients do not bruise.

Can I purchase these shots and administer them myself at home?

No. You must receive these shots in office.

What is the difference between taking a multivitamin and getting a B12 shot?

Multivitamin has multiple vitamins. B12 shot has just B12 in it.

Are my lipo shots still working? I don’t feel a difference anymore?

Yes. You noticed such a remarkable difference beforehand because you were at such a deficit. Now that your levels are more normalized, you are maintaining the results. If you went a while without a shot you would notice you start to feel sluggish again; not that it’s something I recommend!