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Weight Loss

How can I get started on weight loss?

We offer free consultations Monday through Friday to discuss the weight loss options available for you.

Do you only work with obese patients?

No. We offer a variety of weight loss plans that can be customized to lose 5 pounds or 100+ pounds, depending on the goals of the individual.

Will I get prescribed appetite suppressants?

The medical provider will determine during your visit if appetite suppressants are right for you.

How much are weight loss plans?

We offer 3 plans ranging from $159-$499 per month

How long do the free consults take?

30-45 min adequate time to review the 3 plans and answer any questions but if more time is needed we can make that happen.

Can I drink alcohol?

We want to create the very best experience and results for your weight loss journey. Alcohol consumption can slow down the weight loss process and keep you from reaching that desired goal. With that in mind the choice is ultimately yours!

Can I start on a medically supervised weight loss program if I am a diabetic?

There are weight loss options available for diabetics. The provider will review your history and determine which plan is best for you.