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Medical Weight Loss Services Available At Rejuvenate MD Wellness Medspa

Blog - Medical Weight Loss Services Available At Rejuvenate MD Wellness Medspa

Glen Allen, VA area patients who are faced with excess weight are educated by the team of Rejuvenate MD Wellness Medspa about the benefits of maintaining a healthier weight. In addition to looking and feeling one’s best, many medical conditions can be reduced or eliminated when patients are within their appropriate weight range. Men and women who are interested in medical weight loss services are welcome to speak with our providers.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

At Rejuvenate MD Wellness Medspa, we offer customized weight loss plans and programs that are tailored specifically to the patient. During an initial evaluation and examination, our team can develop a weight loss program to follow that is designed around the patient. This program may include certain caloric intake goals and the use of pharmaceutical appetite suppressants to eliminate those pesky cravings that can make it difficult for patients to achieve weight loss with other methodologies. This is just the first part of the program, and patients will notice significant weight changes during this time. Then, our team will provide patients with dietary counseling to assist them in better understanding how what they eat is impacting their health. Instead of a yo-yo or rollercoaster diet where patients will succeed and then crash, this program is developed for long-term lifestyle improvements to ensure the weight loss stays off.

Who Is A Candidate For Medical Weight Loss Services?

Our team provides this service to any patient who has weight loss goals they would like to reach under the care and attention of a medical provider. We welcome patients into our practice for an evaluation and to spend time speaking with our doctors about the programs designed for their needs.

Are You Interested In Working With A Provider To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

Stop yo-yo dieting and start changing your lifestyle to achieve the results you want! If you are ready to speak to the team at Rejuvenate MD Wellness Medspa and discuss the benefits of medical weight loss services, we welcome you to book a consultation at (804) 270-5920. Our team assists Glen Allen, VA area patients with a wide range of services, including methods of achieving better body contours and a healthier weight. Our practice is located at 10220 West Broad Street and is always accepting new patients.