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Never Shave Again With Laser Hair Removal

Blog - Never Shave Again With Laser Hair Removal

It’s a wonder it wasn’t invented sooner, but we’re still in love with laser hair removal. Think about it: other beautifying treatments have to be repeated. We get our eyebrows waxed every month. We get our hair cut and colored every six weeks. Pedicures? Manicures? We have a standing appointment every Saturday. So when we hear of something that has permanent, lasting beautifying results, we want to shout it from the hilltops! Keep reading to learn more about our amazing laser hair removal and start your journey to being shave-free.

Bye Bye Hair, Anywhere

We don’t discriminate when it comes to hair removal. Sick of shaving your long, lean legs? Done. Tired of visiting the spa for painful bikini waxes? Let us stop the cycle of pain! We’ve seen and done it all. Hate the cute little hair on your toes? Kiss it goodbye. And gentlemen, don’t think we don’t know how much you hate asking that special lady in your life to shave your back. We’ve got you covered with just a few laser hair removal treatments.

When’s The Best Time To Start

There’s an idea floating around that certain beautifying treatments should be done in the winter. For things like chemical peels, that increase sun sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation, we totally agree that getting them going is a great time to pass those cold winter months. Hey, we love progress shots no matter the season! But, we also think that if now is the right time for you, then why wait? That’s why we have sunblock, after all! Plus, with the increase in weddings, BBQs, parties, and summer getaways, we think that there’s just no time to waste on shaving!

How Long Until I’m Silky Smooth?

Your first appointment could be as short as 30 minutes, depending on what area we’re treating. You’ll see immediate results, though some treated hair could take up to a week to fall. Keep coming back for your full series to make sure each cycle of hair is obliterated (there are numerous cycles of hair all growing at different times, which is why you can get new baby hairs just days after getting your brows waxed). Each session will take you one step closer to effortlessly smooth skin.

Schedule A Consultation

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