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Before You Undergo Coolsculpting Treatment

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Things To Know Before You Undergo Coolsculpting Treatment

Blog - Things To Know Before You Undergo Coolsculpting Treatment

Body contouring solutions that are less invasive than plastic surgery are becoming more popular as patients realize they can achieve a more attractive appearance without surgical intervention. At Rejuvenate MD Wellness MedSpa, we encourage patients in the area of Glen Allen, VA to ask about Coolsculpting, a specialized treatment that uses cryolipolysis to take inches off of a patient’s body without surgery.

What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a method of fat reduction and removal that essentially freezes the fat and allows the body to naturally flush the fat cells out of the body. The result? Inches off of the body and improved contours.

What To Know About Coolsculpting Before Treatment

The providers at Rejuvenate MD Wellness MedSpa welcome patients to educate themselves about the treatment and consider the following facts:

  • Coolsculpting has been cleared by the FDA as both safe and effective
  • Most patients are a proper candidate for Coolsculpting when within their idea body weight
  • Patients best suited for Coolsculpting are men and women who have been unable to address stubborn areas of fat with diet and exercise alone
  • Coolsculpting can provide permanent results, as fat cells are not restored and replaced by the body
  • Coolsculpting treatment is comfortable, fast, and simple, and eliminates the need for surgery
  • Results from Coolsculpting are gradual to ensure a more natural transformation of the body
  • Coolsculpting is not a form of liposuction and is not intended for weight loss
  • Coolsculpting is best used in the abdominal area, though patients may also use it in the thighs and buttocks
  • Patients can relax during their treatment, and often read or play games on a tablet while undergoing treatment
  • Patients do not need to be anesthetized for their Coolsculpting treatment
  • There are minimal possible side effects with Coolsculpting, reducing the risk of problems associated with traditional plastic surgeries
  • Coolsculpting does not require incisions, which eliminates the risk of infection

Are You Considering Coolsculpting As A Body Contouring Solution?

Call Rejuvenate MD Wellness MedSpa of Glen Allen, VA today to discuss cryolipolysis with Coolsculpting. The practice can be reached by calling 804-885-3242 and visiting the practice at 10220 West Broad Street.