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Medical Weight Loss Programs for Women and Men in Richmond, VA

Having a Hard Time Shedding Those Pesky Pounds? Let Rejuvenate MD Wellness Med Spa Near Richmond, VA Help You Lose that Extra Fat. Our Professionals Offer Effective Weight Loss Programs for Both Men and Women. Please Call Us or Request an Appointment Online. Visit Us at Our Location.

Medical Weight Loss Programs for Women and Men in Richmond, VA

Is fat loss and weight loss the same?

Weight loss is typically associated with the loss of both fat and muscle; the goal to successful weight loss is to preserve as much muscle as possible – or, ideally, gain some – while losing as much body fat as possible at the same time. Muscle is vital to the successful los of fat, as muscles burn and use fat as a source of energy.

What may sabotage your attempts to successfully lose weight, meaning lose fat, is that a diet may encourage you to eat less and avoid certain nutrient-rich foods which can help you build muscle and burn fat. This is a major reason as to why many diets and dieters will fail.

What is medically supervised weight loss?

For those who are obese or have struggled with losing weight on their own, then a medically supervised weight loss program may help. The main purpose of these programs is to help patients by educating them and giving them the tools that they need to not only lose weight, but to maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve their overall quality of life. In addition, these weight loss programs can help decrease the risk of certain diseases and other medical conditions which are typically associated with obesity.

There are several aspects of medically supervised weight loss plans which may not be available to a patient trying to lose weight on their own. Some of these aspects might include: certain behavioral modifications and therapies; pre-packaged meal replacement plans; pharmacotherapy; and even, possibly, surgical weight loss.

What are some reasons women gain weight?

There are a number of common reasons for why women can gain weight, and these might include: eating more; menstrual cycle; perimenopause and menopause; the slowdown of metabolism that happens with age; a decrease in physical activity; water retention issues; stress, depression, or anxiety; or even a lack of sleep.
Several of the major reasons why women tend to gain weight, particularly as they grow older, include: that women are less active as they age; that they do not restrict their calories based on their activity level; and that the metabolism naturally slows down as one ages. There are ways to help mitigate age-related weight loss and a medically supervised weight loss program can help, along with making other lifestyle related changes.

What are some reasons men gain weight?

Much like with women, mental illness and a lack of sleep can cause weight gain in men, along with stress and the obvious causes – such as overeating and a lack of physical activity. Other causes can include kidney problems and a thyroid disorder, or it can be a side-effect of many medications. Insomnia is frequently a cause of weight gain, and quitting smoking can also increase your risk or chances of gaining weight.

What are some of the weight loss programs offered for men and women?

The programs that we offer here at Rejuvenate MD are uniquely tailored to each individual, and our programs for men and women are tailored to their specific needs – including hormonal causes for weight gain. Given that men and women are different when it comes to weight loss, each of our weight loss programs are tailored to your gender and your specific needs.

For those looking for help with losing weight when conventional methods have failed, then Rejuvenate MD can help. Book your appointment online now or call us.