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Medical Weight Loss Programs for Women and Men in Glen Allen, Richmond, VA

Having a Hard Time Shedding Those Pesky Pounds? Let Rejuvenate MD Wellness Med Spa Near Richmond, VA Help You Lose that Extra Fat. Our Professionals Offer Effective Weight Loss Programs for Both Men and Women. Please Call Us or Request an Appointment Online. Visit Us at Our Location.

Medical Weight Loss Programs for Women and Men in Glen Allen, Richmond, VA

Rejuvenate MD can help you achieve and maintain weight loss for long-term health benefits and a higher quality of life with a fully personalized and research-based weight loss program.

What Is Customized Medical Weight Loss?

At Rejuvenate MD, our weight loss programs are a far cry from the latest fad diet. A trained practitioner helps every patient begin with a comprehensive medical exam. This includes medical history and testing that includes blood pressure and body fat analysis. We’ll go through your past dieting history, and your current eating and exercise patterns. We know this is also the key to long-term success.

Once we have your medical background, we’ll design a medical weight-loss program specifically for you. We’ll set your initial calorie goal and will include selected pharmaceutical appetite suppressants to eliminate your cravings. That’s the Active Weight Loss phase, where you’ll lose the most weight.

Every step of the way, we’re there with you providing dietary counseling and consultation. We suggest you come in once a week for check-ups if able to do so which helps you stay accountable to your weight loss. As we show you what your body is doing, you’ll begin to understand how and why you put on weight…and why it has been so hard to take it off.


Jumpstart – A two week, rapid weight loss plan that utilizes protein meal replacement shakes and allows for a low calorie dinner. The plan includes 60 shakes, a blender bottle and a meal plan. Clients who choose this plan typically lose 8- 10 lbs. during these 2 weeks.

Cost: $299

*Perfect for weight loss with a deadline!*

Dr. Emma’s HCG Plan (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) – A rapid fat-loss plan that includes a 28-day supply of at-home injections, which protects muscle mass and encourages the fat burning process. Plan also includes a customized high protein, low-carb meal plan, as well as weekly measurements/weight with trained staff.

Cost: $499/month

*Our most body-transforming plan!*

Lifestyle – A calorie specific plan designed not only for weight loss but to teach the importance of healthier eating. This high protein, low carb diet includes a meal plan and is monitored monthly.

Cost: $159/month

Maintenance option: $99/3 months

LIPO Injections: $125/4 injections for non-members, $100/4 injections for members B-12 shots: $90/4 injections for non-members; $80/4 injections for members.